Casino Rules: A Beginner’s Guide


There are a lot of people playing casino games on mobile phones or desktop computers. More often than not, these people are not aware of the dos and don’ts of playing in a land-based casino. Not knowing the basic rules on etiquette will earn you glares from the dealer and glances from other players. It is best to follow the tips below to avoid any unwanted incidents.

No selfies

Most casinos do not appreciate people taking photos of the gaming floor. The casino security may give you a word if they catch you taking a picture of yourself amid a casino game.

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No mobile phones

Talking on your mobile phone during a game is rude. It will also distract players from trying to concentrate on their games. You should turn your mobile phone on silent, or you can take your call where nobody will get disturbed.

Dress code

Check with the casino before you decide on what to wear. Some casinos do not allow customers to wear a shirt and sneakers. Most big casinos let players wear sandals and t-shirts, but many others follow a strict dress code.

Moderate drinking

Do not let the alcohol get the better of you. It will only ruin your casino experience. You are there to enjoy games and not to overdrink.

Buying chips

Each table has a different betting system. Check the boards for the minimum and maximum bets first before you buy your chips. Never hand the dealer your cash. Lay it on the table in front of you, and the croupier will change your money into chips.

Handling chips

Each player receives a different color of chips at a roulette table. Remember your color, and make sure you know where to place it for a bet. You can ask the dealer for help if you have no idea what to do. It is better to ask than to end up forfeiting wagers because you put them in the wrong place. Never touch the chips of other players. You should also not move or remove chips during a spin of the roulette or hand of Blackjack.

Pay attention to the dealer

If you are unsure of how a game goes, watch first before you join. Listen to the dealer well because he or she directs the passage of play. He or she will announce if it is time for bets or no more bets.

Cashing out

You have to cash out before you leave the roulette table because these chips have distinctive colors. Wait for the end of a spin and let the croupier know you want to go. Your roulette chips will become generic casino cash chips. It is the same with Blackjack and craps.