Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine {envelopes}

I absolutely loved the Santa hat chair covers that I had over the holiday season (from the Dollar Tree), that I wanted to do something festive for Valentine's.  
I was so happy when I came across this post, it gave me my inspiration.  
Here is what I came up with..
Gather your felt, then cut. 
Found mine at Joanns & used a coupon.
I bought 1.5 yards in order to make 6 covers--and I had some left over.
**You will want to measure your chairs and adjust accordingly.

I stitched around the triangle piece as well, then used hot glue to add my heart to the tip of it.
By the way, I found a package of felt heart pieces at Joanns.  Saved me the hassle of making my own. 
**Make sure you don't stitch your envelope closed when sewing around the triangle piece, since the main purpose is to be able to have access to the inside. :)
I was surprised how quickly I was able to make these--I ended up making 6. 
So far we've had lots of fun stuffing special goodies in here. 
So happy to have these apart of our holiday collection. 
Now if only I can convince my 2-year old that these are not to be used like a wipe. :)
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Our Pinteresting Family said...

These are so cute, Lindsay! I love what you said about your 2 year old. :)

Hani Shabbir said...

These envelopes are so cute. :)

Tonia L said...

Fantastic! I love how they turned out!

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

Way too cute!



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