Friday, February 10, 2012

What I Know--{The Small Things Blog}

Hey friends, I am excited to have my sweet friend on here today. Not only does she know a thing or two about hair & styling, she is also a really great person!

Take it away Kate!

Hi! I'm Kate from The Small Things Blog. I write a lifestyle blog with a heavy focus on hairstyling and beauty products. Occasionally you may find a post about my cats, or a local restaurant I enjoyed too!

Basic Arsenal

Pins. Clips. Combs. Headbands. Flowers. Braids. Ponytail. Curls. Straight.

There are tons of different ways to style hair, but you need to have the proper tools to achieve the look you want! Beginning with a basic "tool" kit, the following hair accessories will help you do a variety of styles!

1. It's most important to have a large handful of bobby pins. I prefer the professional kind since they seem to hold best. Otherwise, you can shop at beauty stores, like Sally Beauty Supply, to find a good brand!
2. Have a few decorative bobby pins to add a little something to your hairstyle. The Twig Pins are from Woodland Belle.
3. Clear rubber bands are the best for pony's and some half-up styles!

4. A decorative flower pin looks adorable when placed in a half-up style, or at the base of a ponytail. (Flower pin from J.Crew)
Other tools include jaw clips, for holding large sections of hair. Duckbill clips are great for keeping sections of hair separated, for example: while curling your hair. And a comb is a must for smoothing through sections before you flat iron, or curl, and also for teasing!
I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about what to add to your "personal hairstyling arsenal", or how to start one!

Visit my blog,, for more tips, tricks and tutorials!

Wasn't that great! Thanks Kate! If you haven't checked out The Small Things Blog, it is definitely a must read, she has the best hair tutorials around.

Have a great weekend!


Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Love this! I think I need to restock my hair arsenal this weekend :-)

Ashlee said...

Love Kate's blog! I'm new to your blog Lindsay and can't wait to look around :) Have a great weekend! said...

Similar to what Ashlee said... I love Kate's blog & I am happy to have found you also! I really need to get some of those clips to hold my hair back while I am curling!

simplyloveblog said...

Love this advice! As a daily reader of Kate's blog, I'll vouch for her having the best hair tutorials around!! I'm about to start a 30-day hair challenge on my blog and will definitely be using a ton of her help :)

Tonia L said...

I usually just end up doing my hair pretty much the same way every day! I need a hair arsenal so I can change things up a bit!

Allyson said...

I love her blog! I can't figure out how to do a thing with my hair, but it's nice to dream! Thanks for sharing!


Mrs. Blanton said...

One of my favorite bloggers and youtubers. Check out my blog for other you tube people I enjoy following :)

Erin {Lavender and Lemon Drops} said...

I LOVE her and her hair lol :) I wish I could have just one appointment with her so she could whip my hair into shape!


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